Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Cabochon Stud Earrings, Lighter

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Petrified wood cabochon stud earrings in gold or silver.

Wear a 225 million year old fossil! These were mined in the Arizona badlands outside the Petrified Forest National Park and the Navajo Nation. We purchased the rocks directly from the guy who mined them, and had it custom cut.

A birthstone for the zodiac sign of Leo, petrified wood is literally trees that turned to stone. 

Over millions of years, wood was replaced by agate, creating the fossil we call petrified wood. Petrified wood is the state fossil of Arizona, and Native American medicine men used this material to protect against injury and infection.

The color varies; these will be darker shades of brown, brownish orange, and brownish red.

Additional photos: A chunk of the raw stone these were cut from, and the stunning landscape of the area.

Cabochon Earring Sizing Chart

Made with ethically sourced, man-made gems, expertly hand-set in recycled precious metals in our small, rural Oregon studio. Our studs are renowned for comfort and quality that stands the test of time.  Support clean luxury and set yourself apart with these small-batch and limited edition earrings.

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