Black Silver Stud Earrings | White Topaz | Rainbow Patina

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White topaz earrings with real, high quality gems. gemstone earrings are a perfect size for everyday wear. Free gift boxing always included!

Introducing our exclusive new black silver settings! Developed in-house, this exclusive process creates a beautiful coloration that ranges from black to blue-black (like blued gunmetal) to a dark rainbow of colors.
The process is a natural and unpredictable one, and each earrings is unique in its coloration. This is a surface patina, not a plating. It won’t flake or chip, although it can be scratched.
The darkened rainbow patina setting has a strong impact on the appearance of transparent and translucent gemstones, darkening them and causing dramatic flashes of color.
Far superior to standard silver oxidation processes which can matte and dull the metal or produce earrings prone to flaking, our silver rainbow patina is shiny and gorgeous.
I have very sensitive ears and experienced no irritation or discoloration when I tested these.
No two are alike; your earrings may vary from the photos and from pair to pair. The patina may change naturally over time, probably to a darker or greyer finish. The color of our test pieces has held steady for about four months, but we haven’t had time to test beyond that. Most patinas shift over time.

Indulge in earrings that are beautiful, high quality, and will stand the test of time. They have been tested and approved for comfort and durability by us and thousands of happy clients. Try risk-free'll love them or your money back!

The Gemstones

Our gems are ethically sourced with care and knowledge. They are real, come from small businesses, and support small miners and families around the globe.

Gems are individual pieces of nature's art and have minor variation in pattern, color, size, and shape. Unlike synthetic gems, few are exactly alike.

Gemstone treatments: None or heated.

Reclaimed Precious Metal Settings

Rather than support destructive mining practices, we use reclaimed precious metals. They are melted down and refined to produce settings identical in quality and purity to newly mined metals without the environmental and human impact. Custom orders available for rose gold, 18k gold, and palladium.

Size it up

This is our size; please take a look at the modeled photo for an idea of how big they are in "real life". Exact size may vary +/- .20mm. When choosing a size, remember that the pictures are magnified close-ups - check the size on a ruler.

Shipping Times

These are handmade to order in my small US studio, and on occasion we need to special order gems and/or metals to complete your order. Depending on stock on hand and current work load, it may take 1-4 weeks to ship your order. The average is 1-2 weeks.

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