The lush green of emerald has intoxicated imaginations for centuries. Its glowing color is unmatched in the gemstone world.

We are committed to providing only ethically sourced gemstones that benefit those who mine thems. Unfortunately, many of the main sources producing emeralds today are rife with violence, corruption, and smuggling, including the homes of the ever-popular Brazilian and Colombian emeralds. 

Thus, you may find our emerald selection somewhat lacking. We often have some nice Zambian emeralds from small mines, and the occasional Brazilian emerald from sources we trust. Emeralds are also often treated with impermanent oil-based dyes, which we also avoid in our quest to provide you long-lasting beauty.

However, we're strong proponents of quality lab grown emeralds. Lab emeralds are superb quality in their color and clarity, stronger due to fewer natural fissures, and aren't oiled or dyed. Most important, we obtain them from 100% conflict-free, modern producers. Emerald is probably the gem for which the argument for lab grown is strongest.

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