Gemstone Earrings

Right now in Montana, someone is picking through river gravel hunting for sapphires. A man in Kenya is using a hand shovel to dig into bare clay soil in search of the Tsavorite garnet that will feed his family. In Namibia, a ragtag band of miners are jackhammering into what looks like a rock cliff to open up a pocket of amethyst crystals.

Every gem has a story. Formed by incredible forces deep within the earth millions of years ago, searched for by human hands, and now offered here for you to treasure. Gemstones are no ordinary commercial product; they are a finite resource that has been created by unfathomable forces of nature. Even the smallest and most flawed gem is an object most of us could search for over a lifetime and not find.

When we select gemstones, we do so with respect for the earth that formed them, the people who discover them, and the skilled artists who facet them. We entrust that history to you. We set these treasures by hand in our rural Oregon studio in solid, sustainable precious metals so they can be part of your life for decades or even generations.

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