The little guy is back in town

Distinction Jewelry consists primarily of one person, owner and jeweler Jessi Clark-White….along with a team of invaluable freelance experts who help out with modeling, website coding, customer service and so much more.  I am an independent jeweler with a passion for creating quality handmade jewelry with colored gemstones in sterling silver, 14k gold, and palladium.


The New Face of Fine Jewelry

Distinction Jewelry is the new face of fine jewelry. The jewelry industry is at a crossroads, mired in “old luxury” standards while trying to cater to cheap, brash modernism. Along the way, things like good design and true quality have been lost: reading the ads in fine jewelry trade show guides makes the designer in me cringe.  Today’s jewelry wearer doesn’t want the stifling atmosphere of a leatherette-padded jewelry counter fronted by commissioned sales staff.

Design Matters

We offer old-world quality in modern designs that reflect you, your personality, and your most specific desires.  They are meant to be worn in comfort, to be versatile, and to be a pleasure to let your eyes rest upon in those odd moments in the day.


Colored Gemstones

My specialty as a jeweler is working with colored gems, the trade term for anything which is not a diamond.  The world of colored gems is far more diverse and complicated than that of the diamond trade, and fewer jewelers are willing to take the time to learn the ins and outs of colored gems.  It is a constant learning process; colored stones are rarer, more difficult to source, and trickier to set and identify than diamonds….yet so much more affordable!

I consider myself lucky to be doing something I love, not to mention honored that out of hundreds of thousands of jewelry listings online, mine somehow caught your eye. I hope one of them decides to jump into your cart and follow you home! For more information on my jewelry and services, keep reading 🙂


I’m a perfectionist who takes great care in the selection of materials and quality of workmanship. My metalwork (soldered and/or smelted) pieces are given a professional high polish. I take pride in my work and hope to make something you will love for years. When you buy from me, you are supporting a rural American artist, not a retail giant or a third-world factory.

I don’t work quickly, but I do work carefully. My custom work takes a while, as does my shipping, but you can be assured that you will get a beautifully made and packaged final result as a reward for your patience.