Distinction Jewelry is a small business with an equally small charitable donation budget.  Donations of merchandise to fundraising events are subject to the following guidelines due to the large number of requests we receive. All requests must be from 501(c) 3 charitable organizations and will be verified. If items are to be sold at a fundraiser, silent auction, etc. they must be offered for sale at their listed retail price or higher.  If items are to be used as prizes, please explain how they will be used in your request. If the organization has a website, we ask for a link to distinctionjewelry.com listing us as a supporter/donor/sponsor. We do not donate to the following:

  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Religious organizations
  • Research involving animal experimentation
  • Animal rights groups, i.e. PETA, HSUS, etc.  We love supporting animal welfare organizations involved in rescue, no-kill sheltering, low cost spay/neuter, etc.
  • Groups who send generic solicitations to numerous organizations