Looking for ethical jewelry you can feel good about owning? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are nine of the awesome things about Distinction Jewelry:

#1: Our precious metals are all recycled

Specifically, refined from old jewelry and industrial applications and milled into new items. This means your purchase never supports toxic mining operations, environmental destruction, and violence associated with extracting new metal.

#2: Our gems are fair trade and/or ethically sourced.

I’ve even been known to get on a 16-hour flight to Africa and walk up the side of a mountain to a desert amethyst mine to make sure of it.

#3: All of our gemstones are truly and accurately represented.

We comply with American Gem Trade Association and Federal Trade Commission standards regarding the advertising of gems and disclosure of treatments. Sound standard? It’s not. Even major television shopping networks and department store chains have been sued over not doing this.

#4: Our diamonds are Kimberly Process compliant.

The Kimberly Process was set up to ensure that conflict diamonds don’t enter the marketplace. You can get diamonds from Canada and Australia from us if you don’t trust the Kimberly Process (some people don’t, and that’s okay!).

#5: Our packaging biodegrades and contains a boatload of recycled material.

We make our jewelry to last generations; our shipping materials, hopefully not.

#6: Our jewelry is made in the USA! By hand. By me.

Yep, we’re that mythical beast known as the small business. Old fashioned quality and all that.

#7:  Our customer service rep is a stay-at-home mom who telecommutes.

Our models are independent, and never held to judgmental industry weight or measurement standards. We are trying to make the world better, not worse.

#8: We buy from small businesses all around the world.

We engage the services of individuals like gemstone faceting artists. We buy gemstones from people living in huts made of soda cans (really!) in the middle of nowhere, Africa. Your purchase directly supports small business.

#9: WE are a small business.

A very small, but successful business. Why support corporate behemoths when you can make a purchase where it will really count? We appreciate each and every sale on a very personal level.