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So why do I need a gay engagement ring, exactly?

Does it sing showtunes or something?

Ever clicked ads for gay engagement rings, and found yourself staring at a generic selection for straight couples? With absolutely no acknowledgement that you might want something different, or something personal beyond, “yeah, we’ll take your money I guess”? Our selection is small because we are one designer and two employees making it all work, and it’s hard to do everything at once. But when we became aware of how utterly overlooked, neglected, and marginalized gay couples were when shopping for engagement rings, we had a new mission. Your rings are actually designed with gay couples in mind, because the love of your life deserves more than “Well, you can look at our cases, I guess….”

It’s very dear to me, the issue of gay marriage. Or as I like to call it: marriage. You know, because I had lunch this afternoon, not “gay lunch”. I parked my car; I didn’t “gay park” it.Liz Feldman

Why are LGBT+ engagement rings different from any other engagement ring? On the face of it, as long as the ring doesn’t have “I’m Straight” stamped across the top, they aren’t. But when you delve into the unequal traditions of the engagement ring, the waters muddy up real fast.

Engagement rings are designed for a man to give to a woman. The woman gets something pretty and sparkly and feminine, and the man gets nothing until the wedding, where he gains a boring metal band.

Ever tried to shop for an engagement ring to give a man? I’d offer to wait while you give that a try, but I’d be here for a while and it’s getting on to lunchtime.

Okay, you’re a girl. Whohooo! You get a pretty sparkly ring, and she gets a pretty sparkly ring, and everyone gets a pretty sparkly ring! Awesome! Oh. You don’t like overtly feminized, girly things? Hmmm. You both want rings, because who wouldn’t, but you want something a little more symbolic? You’re out of luck unless you’d like this rainbow over here….

Genderfluid, transitioning, androgynous, poly? I’m still waiting for the other guy to get back here with his masculine engagement ring, and getting pretty hungry about now.

So yes…. gay engagement rings matter. Go grab some gay lunch and I’ll meet you back at this page to look at some rings.

No, there’s not any secret “gay code” designed into these rings – and some of my mainstream designs are awesome too. It’s just that when I sat down to design, I had a same sex couple in mind. You, maybe.

What’s the deal with everything being custom?

Your selection isn’t exactly amazing….

First of all, I’m sorry. That cake has nothing to do with gay engagement rings. It was just so obnoxiously fabulous that I thought the whole internet needed to see it.

Moving on. When was the last time you saw a ring and thought, that’s perfect in every way? Yesterday? Damn. Was it at least on my website?

It’s very dear to me, the issue of gay marriage. Or as I like to call it: marriage. You know, because I had lunch this afternoon, not “gay lunch”. I parked my car; I didn’t “gay park” it.Liz Feldman

I’m going to write this tomorrow. If you’re seeing it now, email me for a free pair of earrings because this got online freakishly fast.