The best fine jewelry brands and designer jewelry brands include Distinction Jewelry, Stuller, Overnight Mountings, and John Dyer Gems. Shop and special order from their catalogs! We are an authorized retailer of all brands listed.

Custom designer jewelry brand. Designed in house with cutting edge CAD technology, and custom made to order. Specializing in custom engagement rings and gemstone stud earrings.

We offer complete customization, whether adapting an existing model or working from your own design ideas. Novel designs, exotic metals like green gold, access to the largest international diamond exchange in the world, and amazing personal advice and service.

We are an independent jewelry and design studio, and the only authorized retailer of our products.

Stuller’s Lafayette, LA made jewelry uses reclaimed metals and conflict free diamonds. They even stock Canadian diamond center stones and melee. For a slight extra cost, they provide the ultimate assurance of conflict-free origin.

Their vast catalog includes easy to use “quick shops.” One of their strengths is the customizable build your own ring “3C” collection.

Need an engagement ring tomorrow? That’s the premise of Overnight Mountings, and while their selection of in-stock jewelry is impressive, the real depth of the catalog is in the thousands of rings that can be customized in around five days.

We’re a fan of some of their designs which display real talent in difficult areas like two-stone engagement rings. Drop us an email for some of our favorites!

High end, high fashion designer gemstones. Faceted by US gem cutting rockstar John Dyer, these gems make any jewelry an instant collector’s item.

An amazing, colorful gemstone can be a surprisingly affordable alternative to diamond. With US precision cut gems, you can get spectacular value and color.

At Distinction Jewelry, we’re colored gemstone experts. Feel free to contact us for advice on which gems might be suitable for your project.