How to Ship Rocks Safely in a USPS Flat Rate Box

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Damaged package

Most people who ship rough rock have no idea what their packages arrive on my doorstep looking like. The usual mode of transport is a USPS flat rate box. More often than not, your box arrives bursting at the seams, with plastic wrap applied by the post office in an attempt to hold it together.  Some of the rock has … Read More

Blood Platinum?

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Gold and Platinum Mining, and the Massacre in South Africa

On August 17, 2012, 34 striking platinum miners were gunned down by police in the name of crowd control in South Africa. It was the deadliest police massacre since the apartheid era, and reports are still emerging of protesters hunted down and killed in cold blood, prisoner torture, and other indications that this was not simply a case of police officers … Read More

Gemstone Buying Expedition: Namibia

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Have you ever dreamed of being a professional adventurer, traveling to the furthest reaches of the world in search of gold? Perhaps booby-trapped tombs no sane person would enter even with the aid of their faithful bomb-diffusing robot, Rex? Or, I don’t know….gemstones? Yeah, me too. So I decided to do it. I’m going to one of the driest areas … Read More

5 Reasons Diamonds Aren’t Always Evil

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1. Diamonds don’t always originate in bloodstained African war zones. If you believe Hollywood movies and facebook quotes, a diamond is a worthless hunk of rock mined by child slaves to buy their overlords more machetes and machine guns. In reality, Canada is the world’s second largest diamond producing country. Australia is the world’s most significant source of natural pink … Read More

New Arrivals

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Showing off some of the latest rough and cut gemstones to arrive at Distinction Jewelry. The cut stones will now be made into jewelry, while the rough stones will be sent off for cutting. They will return home months later as finished stones ready to be set into earrings, rings, and pendants. The most recent arrivals include orange garnets, Kingman, … Read More

More Montana Sapphires Soon!

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Montana Sapphire Stud Earrings in Gold

I know how much everyone loves Montana Sapphires 😀  That’s why I’m always keeping an eye out for parcels I can snag for you. I still have a nice selection of 3mm studs in the blue-green color range.  Getting *very* low on 4mm though, and so far replacements haven’t shown themselves. In this new batch, I’m getting in white, yellow, … Read More

Indie Makeup: Geek Chic Big Damn Heroes Review

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The minute I discovered Geek Chic Cosmetics, I knew I was ordering from them no matter what. Why? They have a line of FIREFLY eyeshadows! For reals. I’ll just start with these, because, well….do I have to explain this? Let me repeat myself: FIREFLY eyeshadows! When is it that you realize you take your fandom a little too seriously? Not … Read More

Indie Makeup: The All Natural Face Review and Swatches

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R: Sweetheart Pink L: Sunset Peach

I’m a big fan of mineral makeup made by indie companies for a number of reasons. The quality tends to be better, the prices cheaper, the colors brighter, and the ingredients better. It’s always cruelty-free, usually vegan, and typically hypoallergenic. I’ve become a bit of a makeup addict, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites from my favorite … Read More

The (Almost) Holy Grail of Kindle Covers

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Kindle Cover

Please pardon the retail therapy post; there is a strange little part of me that wants to be a product blogger. The innate desire to share cool stuff? At any rate, I sort-of plan to blog about some goodies; not as a main focus or as a commercial endeavor (no affiliate nonsense!) but just to bring some fun in here. With … Read More

Junior, remember to put the gold out with the recycles….

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recycled gold ring

What is recycled gold or silver? One of my customers asked this the other day, and I thought it was worth going in to some more detail. I use roughly 98% recycled precious metals in my jewelry, whether silver, gold, platinum, etc. There are two ways to come by precious metal today: you can mine it, or you can melt … Read More