Lab Grown

On a scale of "fridge mold" to "mad scientist," the decision to make your own gemstones ranks pretty high on the crazy eyes and fizzing beaker scale. But some intrepid souls decided to try, because of course they did. 

To grow a gemstone, all you have to do is re-create the heat, pressure, and exact trace elements that formed gems in the bowels of the earth millions of years ago. In other words, DIY your own volcano and get it to grow you rubies. Gem labs are both high tech and elemental.

Lab grown gems are cheaper than their naturally formed counterparts, but some are costly in their own right. They are usually near-perfect quality, both in clarity and color. They are real gems and have the same physical properties as natural stones (unless you cheap out and get them from some guy on ebay - then you're probably buying glass!).

Natural versions of some gems may have ethically questionable origins. For example, we stock very few natural emeralds because it's difficult for us to find ones that don't come from bloody areas of Colombia or Brazil. With lab grown emerald, we can offer you an affordable, beautiful, and conflict-free pair of mad-scientist-created earrings instead.

No bamboozles: if it's lab grown, we'll always tell you.