Moldavite Stud Earrings

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Moldavite earrings with real, high quality gems. Choose from 14k white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or sterling silver stud settings with optional screw backs. Gemstone stud earrings perfect for multiple piercings or professional environments. Moldavite is a natural "glass" formed when a large meteorite impacted the earth. It is prized in both rough and cut form, by mineral collectors and those who ascribe healing properties to it. It's also very widely faked, and this is the first time in my career I've gotten my hands on faceted Moldavite that wasn't just green glass. Verified through presence of lechatelierite and swirl inclusions under a microscope, and RI tested at 1.492. Free gift boxing always included!

Indulge in earrings that are beautiful, high quality, and will stand the test of time. They have been tested and approved for comfort and durability by us and thousands of happy clients. Try risk-free'll love them or your money back!

The Gemstones

Our gems are ethically sourced with care and knowledge. They are real, come from small businesses, and support small miners and families around the globe.

Gems are individual pieces of nature's art and have minor variation in pattern, color, size, and shape. Unlike synthetic gems, few are exactly alike.

Gemstone treatments: None or Heated.

Reclaimed Precious Metal Settings

Rather than support destructive mining practices, we use reclaimed precious metals. They are melted down and refined to produce settings identical in quality and purity to newly mined metals without the environmental and human impact. Custom orders available for rose gold, 18k gold, and palladium.

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