Andalusite Stud Earrings

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Andalusite stud earrings in gold, platinum, or silver, optional screw backs.

See your world from a different angle and look amazing doing so! Andalusite is pleochroic, meaning light passing through from different angles will make the stone seem to be multiple colors. Mined in the wilds of Brazil, these show green and brown earth tones.

An ideal Gemini birthstone, earthy and changeable.

Andalusite lore holds that the gem helps the wearer see things clearly from all sides. We think it's a stunning tribute to the drama of understatement! By the way, these look awesome on people with rich brown or brunette hair - think Catherine Zeta-Jones on a jungle expedition to discover lost treasure and you'll have the mood these evoke.

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Made with ethically sourced, genuine gems, expertly hand-set in recycled precious metals in our small, rural Oregon studio. Our studs are renowned for comfort and quality that stands the test of time.  Support clean luxury and set yourself apart with these small-batch and limited edition earrings.


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None - Natural

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