Black Green Tourmaline Stud Earrings

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Black tourmaline stud earrings in gold, platinum, or silver, optional screw backs.

Make a mysterious statement with these earrings that are so dark green, they're black. We purchased raw black tourmaline crystals at fair prices from local diggers during our buying trip to Namibia and had them cut exclusively for Distinction Jewelry.

An October birthstone, tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors. 

Some tourmaline crystals can even display multiple colors! Watermelon tourmaline crystals have a green rind and a pink core, while others may graduate from one color to another. Mined in locations across the world, tourmaline can even be found in California and Maine in the US.

Native Americans gave tourmaline crystals as funeral gifts. Tourmaline was used by shamans for protection, and modern crystal healers believe that black tourmaline in particular is an incredibly powerful protective force.

These very dark green tourmalines are functionally black; while you may be able to see some green color, they will appear virtually black when you are wearing them. The raw crystals looked black from the outside; it was only when they were cut that we were able to see the color in them. I have a range of shades; if you prefer more green or more black, let me know - just be aware that all are very, very dark.

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Made with ethically sourced, genuine gems, expertly hand-set in recycled precious metals in our small, rural Oregon studio. Our studs are renowned for comfort and quality that stands the test of time.  Support clean luxury and set yourself apart with these small-batch and limited edition earrings.

Additional images: The Land Rover we rented, with the wilderness of Brandberg (Namibia) mining country in the background. Giant cacti encountered in Namibia on our way to the mining area. Namibian mining camp.


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