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Blue moonstone stud earrings. Real gemstones hand set in solid, USA-recycled sterling silver. These minimalist silver post earrings are made to order in our rural Oregon studio and are perfect for everyday wear. A perfect gift for men or women, these are great sleeper earrings in dainty sizes, or bridal / bridesmaid earrings in large sizes.

Blue moonstone has an iridescent electric blue flash when viewed at certain angles, and is a June birthstone. No two pairs are alike! The base color is a milky white; moonstone is inherently imperfect and it is in the nature of the material to have visible inclusions and seams. Invest in ethical fine jewelry that is beautiful, high quality, and will stand the test of time. 

How to choose a stud earring size:

3mm is a tiny stud earring perfect for cartilage and multiple piercings. 4mm is a dainty stud earring for everyday wear. 5mm is a good minimalist stud earring size. 6mm is large, but still casual. 8mm are statement stud earrings with a bold look. Click through the product photos to see different sizes pictured with a US dime for scale.

US Microbusiness-Made Recycled Solid Silver Earrings with Ethically Sourced Gems

Our gems are ethically sourced with care and knowledge. They are real, come from small businesses, and support small miners and families around the globe. Rather than support destructive mining practices, we use reclaimed precious metals. They are melted down and refined to produce settings identical in quality and purity to newly mined metals without the environmental and human impact. Fine quality US production and ethical sourcing means these earrings will never be your cheapest option, but they will be the ones you treasure for years to come!

These are made to order. Most orders ship in 1-8 business days.

Gems are individual pieces of nature's art and have minor variation in pattern, color, size, and shape. Unlike synthetic gems, few are exactly alike. Exact size may vary +/- .20mm. When choosing a size, remember that the pictures are magnified close-ups.

Gemstone treatments: None - natural.

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