Green Sapphire Engagement Ring | Yellow Diamond Halo

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Green sapphire engagement ring with a yellow diamond halo. Solid 14k gold; choose white, rose, or yellow. The band is narrow, with a braided twist that looks like two bands woven together. 

The setting is made to order by Stuller in Louisiana, USA from 100% recycled precious metals. It then comes to our rural Oregon studio for stone setting and brilliant hand polishing before being shipped, fully insured, to your door! Socially and environmentally sound American quality jewelry you'll be proud to wear. 

Green Sapphire:

  • 5.9mm, .70 carat round green sapphire.

  • Mined in the Australian outback.
  • Conflict free and ethically sourced; your purchase benefits individuals and tiny businesses around the globe.

  • Genuine, natural, and verified by our in-house gem lab.

  • One of a kind; the stone pictured is the stone that will be set in your ring.

Yellow Diamond Halo:

  • Grade:

  • Size:

  • Quantity:

  • Conflict free diamonds.

  • HT/HP treatment permanently enhances the color, as with most colored diamonds that don't cost more than your house.

Woven Band:

  • Braided twist woven design.

  • Four-prong halo setting.

  • Solid precious metal. 100% recycled; refined, alloyed, and cast in the US. "New" gold used by many major jewelry retailers cuts costs but supports toxic, environmentally destructive mining practices and in some cases, slave labor.

  • Choose your size.

  • Want a metal you don't see? Ask us about additional options.

Why Distinction Jewelry?

We are woman-owned and operated, a US small business, and we believe fair trade principles should apply to Americans, too. Our goal is to build a business that benefits employees with good jobs, buys from other quality small businesses, and refuses to join the race to the bottom.


  • We use sustainable US-recycled and refined metals.

  • We use ethically sourced gems from small businesses and individuals around the world.

  • We always put quality ahead of cost.

Distinction Jewelry will never be your cheapest option, because we don't exploit cheap labor or materials. We will always provide you with the quality and radiant beauty of clean luxury you can feel good about wearing. Bring the beauty of true fine jewelry into your life.

Ring and Gemstone Images:

For the main product image, we take a picture of the actual gem that will be used in this ring. Then we edit that gem photo into a CGI render of the ring so that you can get a realistic idea of what the finished design will look like. In general, our gems look better in person than in photographs.

The rest of the pictures are photo-realistic CGI renders from our CAD program, a ubiquitous practice that most online jewelry sellers won't even tell you about. The gems in these secondary images aren't realistic; please refer to the main product image and our photo of the actual gemstone for a realistic view of the stone.

Buying a Gemstone Engagement Ring? Avoid This Scam:

It's common for jewelry sites to call everything they sell an "engagement ring." That's unethical, because engagement rings are purchased with the expectation that they will be worn for a lifetime. Very few gems are durable enough to survive that long in a ring without cracking, wearing, and scratching. If someplace tries to sell you an opal or pearl engagement ring in particular, run. A pearl is roughly as hard as your fingernails.

So what gems make the short list for engagement ring durability? 

  • Diamonds
  • Moissanite
  • Alexandrite
  • Chrysoberyl
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby

Speaking of durability: Even though they look cool, we do not sell so-called "black gold rings." There is no such thing as a black gold alloy, and rings being sold as black gold are just regular gold with black plating. The black coating will quickly wear and scratch.

Additional Details

Gem Treatments:
Sapphire: Heated. Diamonds: HT/HP color enhanced.

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