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Emerald Garden Engagement Ring | Round Half Carat Diamond

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Custom Made, please allow 3-10 weeks for production
1/2 carat diamond ring, bezel set band with emeralds and apple green diamond accents. This vintage-inspired unisex engagement ring is substantial and elegant with a low profile and graceful braided design.
This ring contains color enhanced diamonds! Please read below to learn about these diamond treatments.
Colored diamonds are far rarer than white ones, and command staggering prices. The demand led to the creation of the HTHP (High Temperature, High Pressure) and irradiation processes to colorize white diamonds.
Thanks to HTHP and irradiation treatments, you now have access to a reliable supply of colored diamonds in a number of shades. The diamonds are real (mined, not grown in a lab), but the color was introduced by man. They cost a bit more on average than white diamonds, but far less than natural colored diamonds. Most color enhanced diamonds are SI in clarity.
As a frame of reference, check out the current cost of a 1 carat round diamond in SI clarity:
Color Enhanced Pink: $12,400
Natural Light Pink: $85,000
Natural White, G Color: $11,000
Because natural colored diamonds are so rare, we cannot order them out of a catalog. We are more than happy to procure natural colored diamonds for you, and our color enhanced diamond collection may give you some inspiration. The only reason we don’t offer them “off the rack” is that we can never be sure of availability and pricing.


Natural colored diamonds, in general, tend to be light and undersaturated. Vivid colors are rare and astronomically expensive. They have a subtle beauty that color enhanced diamonds cannot match, but those looking for bright color may be more content with color enhanced diamonds.

► Center Gem: A round 5.2mm diamond weighing 0.5 carats. Choose your diamond clarity, or pick white topaz or moissanite as an alternative.

► Accent (Melee) Stones: 22 round apple green diamonds: Two 1.4mm, Four 1.2mm, Two 1.1mm, Twelve 1mm, and two 0.9mm combined for a total carat weight of 0.12 carats. In addition, twelve 1.2mm round emeralds and twelve 1mm round emeralds with an emerald total carat weight of 0.09 carats.

All diamonds are ideal to very good cut. Apple green diamonds are SI quality. All values for stone size and weight are approximate.



Each ring is made to order in exactly your size using a combination of a sophisticated jeweler's CAD system, modern CAM milling technology and old-school hands-on goldsmithing. With this technology you get a completely custom ring in weeks rather than the months that are standard for custom jewelry. It takes an average 3-8 weeks from the time your order is finalized.


You can order your ring pre-configured with the options listed above, or tweak the design to your exact specs. All it takes is a quick email to get details and pricing on custom ring design options.

1. What Kind of Metal do You Want?

Any ring, any metal. Only the most popular options are listed to the right, but with a quick email to customize you can choose from:

  • Platinum
  • 14k gold in white, yellow, rose, or green
  • 18k gold in white, yellow, rose, or green
  • Palladium

2. Pick Your Diamond:

Don’t get stuck with anything less than perfect; choose the quality, size, and shape of your diamond from the world’s largest international diamond exchange, not the lackluster selection at a jewelry store. We’ll even send you pictures and certificates of diamonds you might like so you can make a thoughtful choice in your own home. We order on demand rather than holding diamonds in inventory, giving you instant access to unlimited choice.


3. Would You Prefer a Special Gem or Birthstone?

Tired of shopping and finding everything but the gem you actually want? You’re in luck, because you’ve found one of the top colored gemstone specialists on the net. In addition to an extensive gem inventory, we work with fair trade/direct trade gem sources worldwide. Give us a little time, and we’ll be able to get just about any gemstone you can imagine....even if we have to send a guy to the mine, have it dug up, and cut it to order. How’s that for awesome?

Got a gem without a home? Don’t let in languish, get your precious out of that dusty drawer and enjoy it every day. We’ll turn it into a custom ring you’ll love to wear.

4. What Texture Would You Like on the Metal?

If our signature mirror polish finish doesn't do it for you, pick from eight different surface textures. Hammered and satin are the most popular alternatives.

5. Engrave the Band With a Custom Message in Your Handwriting:

Get your special message engraved in one of 5 fonts, or use our handwritten engraving service to transfer your own handwriting to the inside of the ring. Make it stand out by filling the lettering with enamel - your choice of 5 colors.

6. Make the Design Perfect:

If nothing you see is quite right, and you want a ring that really sings to your heart, we can help. I’ve always had a gift for asking questions of my clients and using your answers to design the perfect piece. If you do see something you like, we can tweak any ring to suit your needs. Speaking of designs you might like....here's a whole catalog full.

7. Add Some Star Power:

Ever wonder where celebrities get those custom engraved diamonds, one-of-a-kind rare gems, and custom made engagement rings? Our unique service allows you to engrave a personal message on the girdle of any diamond purchase of roughly 1/3 carat or larger. Add a rare, fine gem like an award-winning blue sapphire, and set it in a ring made from scratch to join our elite clients in LA & NYC.


We use recycled, eco-friendly metals and certified, conflict-free diamonds for luxury with a clean conscience. All of our metals are recycled, refined in the USA for ecological and social responsibility. We offer Canadian, Australian, and Kimberley Process compliant diamonds. I buy direct from a DTC sightholder for a rock-solid conflict free chain of custody.

Caveats and Addendums*

Custom made items such as this ring cannot be returned. Please be sure of details like metal and stone choices, size, etc. before you order. Thanks for your understanding!

Ring images are photorealistic renders from my CAD system. Consider them a really amazing preview sketch! Diamonds tend to render accurately, but colored gemstones are often markedly different in appearance from the renders. Whenever possible I’ve included an example photo of the actual gem variety for a more realistic presentation. Unique designs even include a photograph of the exact gem that will be used in the ring.

* Yes, that is a Firefly reference.

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