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Celtic Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set | Moissanite and Emerald Rings | "Rowena"

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Custom Made, please allow 3-10 weeks for production


Celtic Knot Engagement & Wedding Ring Set

One-carat Moissanite, channel-set diamonds, and emerald accents on the engagement ring, and emerald accents in the wedding bands. The bands are styled to be worn alone or surrounding the engagement ring. This is one of our most popular engagement rings, sold here as a set of three with two coordinating wedding bands.

The Triquetra is a Celtic symbol of unbreakable protection and eternity. Depending on the individual belief system, the three interwoven knots represent the Holy Trinity or the Triple Goddess. In our ring, the two knots represent the two souls bound together by unbreakable love under sacred protection.


► In the engagement ring:
6.5mm Forever One colorless C&C Moissanite, Hearts and Arrows cut, including ID card. This is equivalent in size to a 1-carat diamond. We highly recommend this particular grade of Moissanite as the best 100% conflict-free diamond alternative. Other grades, even of Forever One branded Moissanite, can look slightly dull, but colorless provides true diamond brilliance.

12 princess-cut accent diamonds, 1.5mm, approximately .02ct each, for a total of roughly 0.24 carats of diamonds; SI2-3 clarity, G-H color. Conflict free, and GIA batch certified.

2 round accent emeralds (in the heart-shaped frame on either side of the center setting), 2mm, approximately 0.03 carats each for a total of 0.06 carats.

► In the wedding bands:
16 princess-cut accent emeralds, 1.25mm, approximately .010ct each, for a total of roughly 0.16 carats of emeralds, AA-grade. Conflict free.


► Solid precious metal. 100% recycled; refined, alloyed, and cast in the US. "New" gold used by many major jewelry retailers cuts costs but supports toxic, environmentally destructive mining practices and in some cases, slave labor.

A Distinction Jewelry Exclusive Design

Embrace the real you with an exclusive, custom made, designer ring. Proposing? Your one-in-a-million deserves to say yes to a designer ring that will never be found on clearance in a smudged shop window.

Each ring is made to order in exactly your size using a combination of a sophisticated jeweler's CAD system, modern CAM milling technology and old-school hands-on artisan goldsmithing. With this technology you get a completely custom ring in just weeks rather than several months. It takes an average of only 3-8 weeks from the time your order is finalized.

Choose just about any precious metal — platinum, palladium, silver, gold from 10k to 22k, even exotic golds like rose or green gold. Engrave it with your own handwriting, or choose a font and fill color (band width permitting). If our signature mirror polish finish doesn't do it for you, pick from eight different surface textures. Hammered and satin are the most popular. Just send us an email for non-stock options.

If nothing you see is quite right, and you want a ring that really sings to your heart, we can help. Custom design is what we do! 

Caveats and Addendums*

Custom made items such as this ring cannot be returned. Please be sure of details like metal and stone choices, size, etc. before you order. Thanks for your understanding!

Ring images are photorealistic renders from my CAD system. Consider them a really amazing preview sketch! Diamonds tend to render accurately, but colored gemstones are often markedly different in appearance from the renders. Whenever possible I’ve included an example photo of the actual gem variety for a more realistic presentation. Unique designs even include a photograph of the exact gem that will be used in the ring.

All values for stone size and weight are approximate.

* Yes, that is a Firefly reference.

A special note on our Celtic jewelry designs

In recent times, some fringe groups have been attempting to hijack Celtic, Viking, and other designs for racist purposes. We explicitly disavow all racist, white supremacist, alt-right, and other hateful uses of this symbology and refuse to allow it to be co-opted. If you are looking for hate symbols, you are not welcome as our customer. We embrace the use of these ancient symbols of love and protection in the spirit of unity. We strive to create a welcoming and safe destination for people of all races, beliefs, genders, and sexual orientations. Hate has no place here, only love and respect. 

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