Flat Back Threadless Press Fit Studs

Typically worn as cartilage piercing earrings, as part of an earring set for multiple piercings, and for the healing phase of new piercings. Professional piercing shops will typically use this style. With a flat backed hollow rod inserted from the pack of the piercing and a slightly curved threadless wire post inserted into the rod from the front, these are a little more complicated to use than standard friction back earrings. However they can be very comfortable!

Please note that we sell these as single earrings, not pairs. What else is different? Because one earring back piece can be interchangable with many different tops, and 14k gold is expensive, some prefer to purchase posts/tops only. Please make sure you order an earring back and a post if you need the full set!

We are just getting started on offering flat backs (even though our owner, who has 8 piercings, should really know better! So feel free to reach out for made to order customs.

These are sensory friendly with a flat back that doesn't poke you. However these are difficult to use for anyone without fine motor control or vision. 

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