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Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring | VS 1 Carat Round in 14k Gold or Platinum | Dainty Solitaire | Architect X

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Custom Made, please allow 3-10 weeks for production


Lab-created diamond engagement ring in a dainty solitaire crossover design. Top grade VS/F+ gem in recycled 14k gold or platinum. US custom made. The architectural concave X band with integrated four prong setting provides elegant drama to this minimalist engagement ring design.  Not just for engagements: wear it as a stunning right hand statement ring / cocktail ring! A Distinction Jewelry exclusive design.


► Round lab-created diamond, VS clarity, F+ color, .97 to 1.17ct

► Comes standard at VS clarity and F+ color, the highest commonly available grade of lab diamond on the market. To get the price down a bit, we are happy to work with you on a quote for other grades.

Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry

Lab-created diamonds may well be the engagement gem of the future. They combine the durability and beauty of a diamond with lower cost, as well as a conflict-free assurance and no need for large mining operations. With lab-grown diamonds, your budget goes further and can afford you a larger, higher grade diamond. They are still far from inexpensive; if you'd prefer to spend somewhat less, we suggest considering high-grade Moissanite. All of our rings can be set with your choice of natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds, or Moissanite.

Lab-created diamonds are a young and emerging field, and availability is not yet on par with natural diamonds. This is why we specify a color and size range. We take pride in finding you the best possible stone within this range at the time of your order. When we go diamond shopping for you, natural or lab, we feel like we’re shopping for our own ring and get vicarious joy from finding “the one.” Want a grade other than what we have listed? No problem, just send us a message!

Lab diamonds don’t always come with certificates. Since supply is limited, we like to cast a broad net of certified and uncertified to pick the best diamond available when you order. We work only with highly reputable suppliers whose grading is unimpeachable. If a certificate is important to you, we’ll work with you to make it happen. It may cost slightly more and/or result in a smaller selection.

Why Distinction Jewelry?

Distinction Jewelry is a US microbusiness established in 2006. Our jewelry is crafted in the US from recycled precious metals and ethically-sourced gems. We will always provide you with the quality and radiant beauty of clean, artisan-crafted luxury you can feel good about wearing. As a design-focused company, we strive to present you with designs that are exciting and unique, with a fresh aesthetic that catches the eye and sets you apart.

DJ will never be your cheapest option, because we don't exploit cheap labor or materials. Even mundane details like the polishing compounds we use are the best on the market, used by top luxury watchmakers and jewelers. We design for lasting durability, not just a fast sale; we're not going to sell you a fragile opal in an engagement ring or a thin, hollow band that won't last. The goal is an exquisitely crafted piece that will be admired by future generations.

We use ethically-sourced gems from small businesses and individuals around the world. If we buy from small American companies, and individual miners in Africa, and small family businesses in India, our purchases can boost more than the economy: they can boost people. Gems that are hand-collected, responsibly mined or lab-created all minimize environmental impact. Your jewelry is always created from US-recycled and US-refined metals. "New" gold used by many major jewelry retailers cuts costs but supports toxic, environmentally destructive mining practices and in some cases, slave labor.

Will you join us in building the world you want, one choice at a time?


Ring images are photorealistic renders from my CAD system. Consider them a really amazing preview sketch! Diamonds tend to render accurately, but colored gemstones are often markedly different in appearance from the renders. Whenever possible I’ve included an example photo of the actual gem variety for a more realistic presentation. Unique designs usually include a photograph of the exact gem that will be used in the ring; please rely on it rather than the renders to visualize what your gem will look like. 

Each ring is made to order in exactly your size using a combination of a sophisticated jeweler's CAD system, modern CAM milling technology and old-school hands-on artisan goldsmithing. It takes an average of only 3-8 weeks from the time your order is finalized.

Custom Rings:

Embrace the real you with an exclusive, custom-made, designer ring. Proposing? Your one-in-a-million deserves to say yes to a designer ring that will never be found on clearance in a smudged shop window. If nothing you see is quite right, and you want a ring that really speaks to your heart, we can help.

In addition to an extensive gem inventory, we work with fair-trade / direct-trade gem sources and reputable diamond dealers worldwide. From Mossanite to rare gems, your ideal center stone is within our grasp!

Express your individual style in platinum, palladium, or gold from 10k to 22k, even exotic golds like rose or green gold. Engrave it with your own handwriting, or choose a font and fill color (band width permitting). If our signature mirror polish finish doesn't do it for you, pick from eight different surface textures. Hammered and satin are the most popular.

Caveats and Addendums*

Custom-made items such as this ring cannot be returned, canceled, or exchanged. Please be sure of details like metal and stone choices, size, etc. before you order. Thanks for your understanding!

All values for stone size and weight are approximate.

* Yes, that is a Firefly reference.


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